Homebuyer Surveys

A Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Report is carried out before the purchase of a property and is suitable for smaller or average sized properties which are of a conventional design and which have been constructed within the last 100 years.

It is a structured report which comments on all elements of a property, both externally and internally as well as the grounds in which the property is set. Most importantly, it is designed for the purchaser rather than the mortgage lender.

The Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Report will allow you to come to an informed conclusion about the condition of a property, which will allow you to decide whether you wish to continue with the purchase, or renegotiate the agreed purchase price.

More advice on choosing the right type of survey for your intended purchase is available on the RICS website by clicking here.

Building Surveys

Purchasing a property is often the most significant financial decision of an individuals life. Should you leave this to chance and hope for the best?

A Building Survey can be tailored to match both the needs of the individual and the type of building, ensuring that clients enter into a transaction with sufficient knowledge in order to make a reasoned confident decision.

Listed Buildings

Larger properties or properties which have had several extensions added over the years

Older properties such as those constructed before 1900

Properties of an unusual construction

A Building Survey involves a comprehensive inspection and detailed in-depth report on all aspects of a building both externally and internally.

Practical advice will also be given on how to remedy defects and future maintenance.

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